We believe buildings reflect humans; literally it can express thoughts and represent corporate images to the public daily. Researches proved that architecture design and its influence on living spaces has a major role in lifestyle changes and might go as far as affect human accomplishments.

Each project possesses a unique set of challenges and opportunities which guide our design processes; embracing the singularity of each project we open ourselves to opportunities fully address client’s objectives, the project requirements and our creative solutions.

is an innovative research based design studio and an educational institute headquartered in Dubai Design District d3. The firm is also present in Egypt (Cairo), with a local presence in KSA (Jeddah).


Address:Office B601, Building 01,
Dubai Design District D3,
Dubai, UAE

Phone:00971 569541449


Address:11, Ebad El-Rahman
Sheraton Heliopolis,
Cairo, Egypt

PO Box 11361
Phone:+2 02 2266 7458
Fax:+2 02 2266 7459
Cellular:+2 012 2006 8605


Address:Mona Al Youssef plaza,
Al Hamra District,
Jeddah 21452, KSA

PO Box 6996
Phone:+966 2261 4220
Fax:+966 2261 4210
Cellular:+966 567 251 719
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