Changing the Face Rotunda Competition

  • Location Warsaw, Poland
  • #Responsive #Multifunctionality #Meeting_point #Accessibility #Iconic #Vicinity #Edge

    Type: Urban
    Plot area: 1.200 m2

    “The spatial narrative of the Rotunda reveals more & more about its unique status. Being settled on an edge of the four edges of one of the most famous squares in warsaw, in the middle of the city, a part of the eastern wall and in a close approach to most of the cultural sites available in warsaw, these all give the building and its plaza a distinguished importance to the extent it becomes a meeting point for citiziens and tourists.”

    “The skin of the new face of Rotunda goes paramerically and reponsive. The shape of the pattern derived from the zigzag outline.”

    The red lines-comes from the direction of the centre of art and science -represent the cultural influences, as those lines obstruced by the Rotunda they bent then rearrange themselves. Sitting steps comes out from that language.

    An urban bicycle station “veturilo” is located on the site of the Rotunda so a non-obstructive ring access is located on the site to increase the connectivity with the plaza o bicycle riders wihout disturbing the accessibility of individuals in plaza.

    Emphasizing the entrance of the bank, the periphery of the ground floor circular outline affected by the edge position of the building and got shrinked at a point and that affected the screen by elevating the curvature at one point.