Central Mosque of Pristina Competition - ISLAMIC COMMUNITY OF KOSOVO

  • Location Pristina, Kosovo
  • Type: Religious
    Total Built up area: 2500 m2

    Design Philosophy
    Approaching our design concept we aimed to deliver not only a place for worship but an inspiring architecture matching the holiness of its deep tradition. Our design philosophy is based on deep understanding for Kosovo’s Islamic architecture development and cultural identity, considering Prishtina’s characteristics and the project’s specifications. It’s a place for worship bringing its visitors for holy and deep moments with Allah, our design characteristics is supporting this nature starting with the architectural design, building’s traffic flow and overall the core concept of communicating the nature having no barriers to the sky featuring inspiring lighting effects resulting a perfect place not just for worship but also for meditation.

    Design Concept
    •Targeting the concept of communicating the nature we designed the building with a light transparent glass ceiling where each prayer can enjoy sky view in time of worship to Allah.
    •The main entrance was uniquely designed to welcome the prayers and to unite their steps into an organized traffic flow.
    •Prayers hall area is characterized for its specious spaces which can maintain large capacity enjoying comforting space and sky view.
    •The outdoor fountain is in a special location of the main road for eye-catching and it’s also placed in the kiblah direction.
    •Separated entrance for males and females supporting the religious rites also for more privacy ¬-and better traffic flow.
    •Ablution area is placed in the main entrance where it presents easy access to the prayers and also decorating the entrance.
    •The mosque is featuring a magnificent view from the main street while level – and – entrances located in the side road.